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The most recent posts will always be featured on the homepage. However, below is a list of and link to every post that is currently on the homepage and has been previously featured on Arts & Econ.
As Seen On TV: Thoughts on Art Exposure through Television
Empathy, New Media, and an Inclusive Economy
Valuing the National Endowment for the Arts
Trump, Taste and Power
Making America Gilded Again: Aesthetics, Economics, and Trump’s Style
Is it for Sale? Kanye West’s “Famous” and the Definition of Art
The Effects of Brexit on the Arts, Lessons from History
The Economics of Color, Part 2
Art, Color, War
The Economics of Color, Part 1
Daughters Change Everything…
Lifecycle of Inventors, Lifecycle of (Female) Artists
On the History of Capitalism
Cultural Economics Workshop: Community
Cultural Economics Workshop: Artists
Cultural Economics Workshop: Collectors
Art & War: The Walters Museum
Single-Collector Museums, An Important Source
Resource Rewind: Canvases & Careers
Resource Rewind: The Embarrassment of Riches
Resource Rewind: Wealth & the Demand for Art in Italy
Art History, Capital Investment & Post-Industrial Society
Arts, Economics & the Cultural Omnivore
What Makes a Cluster Creative?
Arts & Econ Wants You…To Write for Arts & Econ!
Guns, Germs, and Gothic
What about Karl Marx?
F is for Fake
The Arts in Science and Nature
Discussing Art Markets…
An Exciting Conference in Dublin
A New Year, A Better Arts & Econ
Starting a List of Resources…
Genius for Sale! blog post on the OCLW Website
The “Unwieldy” Archive, a Student Reaction to Genius for Sale!
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